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Family Psychology

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Dealing With Emotional Pain

  When a person undergoes a life disruption, such as divorce, job loss, a death, it is usually not advisable to take medication that will alleviate the pain immediately.  When pain is alleviated with medication, the person’s motivation to make changes is reduced.  And there is a great deal to learn

What other couples say about work

Work stress, redundancy and job hunting are just some of the work related issues that can spill over into our relationships. Talking to your partner can be wonderfully supportive when things are tricky at work. But after a hard day we can also take out our worries on those closest to us. The quotes

Ten Essential Psych Studies of 2014: Making Narcissists Empathise, Memory Boosting Spice And More…

In 2014 we learned which habits make you feel happy, the emotion which lasts the longest and much more…   1. How to get a narcissist to feel empathy Narcissists usually aren’t much interested in otherpeople’s suffering or, for that matter, any of otherpeople’s feelings. But a study published this

4 Mistakes Parents Make When Talking to Their Children About Sex

    There are few things a parent dreads more than “the talk.” Talking about sex can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. And let’s face it, many parents simply don’t know how to go about it. Their parents never talked to them, so they’re unprepared for such a pivotal conversation. Mistakes are made

White Noise and Infant Hearing

  A few weeks ago we wrote a post about hearing in our babies' senses series. For today’s post we are going to answer a reader question about white noise. Here is the comment we received:

“Do you know very much about the effects of white noise on babies? I've heard that it can slow down

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